Invitation and garland design

We design Invitation cards that express your personalised emotion and taste. Garlands decorate the bride and groom better than any ornaments and our designs speak well.

Destination wedding

You choose the place and we give u the breathtaking wedding experience.


Sangeet and bachelor party

We guarantee an unforgettable fun and entertainment experience.

Venue and stage decor

We ensure sophisticated, elegant and theme based stage and venue decoration which will leave you overwhelming for sure.


Prepoojas and decorated plates

Indian marriages involve a lot of meaningful  rituals.  We decorate all accesories needed for the rituals.

Bride and groom entry

We specialize in giving a spectacular entry for the bride and groom.


Bridal costume and jewellery

Our bridal crew consists of well experienced costume designers who will design and match the perfect costume and jewellery for the bride.

Bridal makeup and hairstyle

Our beauticians make sure you glow in your own essence on your special day.


Welcome Hostess

Amidst all the pressure there needs to be a calm and graceful face which make the guests feel welcomed. And we are here to nail it for you.


In the modern era, photos mean everything. They are the guilty pleasure to almost everyone regardless of the age. We help you capture the most earnest moments of your life.



Food is the symbolic of love, when words are inadequate…Our catering crew offers a wide range of delicacies. Customize your own menu for the people you love!!

Events and DJ

The best wedding music will set the tone for the moment, reflect you and your future spouse’s taste. DJ’s are a fun and versatile choice for wedding music which will eventually get everyone up and dancing.


Travel and hospitality

If a wedding has to run smoothly, everyone needs to get to the right time. We are here to lessen your burden with the right team.

Digital & Website Promotions

Information was the fastest way to communicate to your loved ones, and we ensure that it happens it quicker, faster and beautiful.


Return gifts

Return gifts will be distributed among guests as a goodwill gesture by the parents of the bride and the groom.

Honeymoon trip

We offer various packages for honeymoon to whichever place u wish to visit.